Out to Swim triumph at the GMFA/RVT Gay Sports Day Print

gmfa dayTo cap off a summer of Royal celebrations and British sporting achievement, OTS headed south of the River to take part in the GMFA/RVT Gay Sports Day on the Summer Bank Holiday. Sporting some fetching Union Jack pants and Royal Family masks, Mike G, Rich D, Dan M, James L and Rusty competed in a series of gruelling events, such as the 50 metre mince, egg and spoon race, tug of war and the infamous space hopper relay. Competition was fierce but when the final handbag was tossed it was OTS who took Gold, delivering a unrehearsed Rhythmic Gymnastic routine that melded Vogueing and water sports seamlessly. Well done OTS!


Photos of the event can be found here


Sponsorship of the OTS team, to raise money for the GMFA charity, is still open. To give a donation please follow the link here:  http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-web/fundraiser/showFundraiserProfilePage.action?userUrl=OTSWaterSports&isTeam=true

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OTS presence at UKBP Print

UK Black Pride

OTS proudly attended UK Black Pride 2012 at the Ministry of Sound on Saturday 18th August 2012.

It was a sensible choice of venue given that the last two Black Pride events held outdoors were rained out. It was ironic that on the first year that the event was held in-doors, it was one of the hottest days of 2012.

The event was well organised and although OTS were placed in a small room off the beaten track with the other community stalls, our volunteers did an excellent job of working the room and promoting all that OTS has to offer.

We had strong interest in the club’s work in the realm of swimming lessons. Our attendance this year showed us that there are many people who cannot swim, who either want to overcome their fears of the water, or want to improve their technique. Many other organisations expressed interest in our free lessons for people with HIV. It was certainly a wonderful way of tapping into the post Olympic interest in sport.

Once again OTS were the only gay sports team in London who were present at UK Black Pride, interestingly on a weekend that was all about promoting LGBT sport in London. I predict that the Front Runners will be there next year promoting what they have to offer in 2013.

My favourite quote of the day was “Women’s ONLY sessions?! Quick give me a flyer but don’t let my girlfriend see!”.

A thousand thanks to all the volunteers who came out to give their time and energy on a hot summers day. It was a real asset to have women on our stall who could speak from their perspective. Our volunteers were Gareth Johnson, Shih-Ming Yao, Lawrence Springall, Robert Wintemute, Sylvie Zacair, Nadia Atia, Chris Whyte, Ian Armstrong, and Cees Van Dam.

Beginners Sessions Print

The Water Polo team and the Synchro team are organising a set of beginners sessions to encourage new members to try out their respective disciplines.


These are the details for the Synchronised Swimming beginners course


- Four two-hour sessions
- 5.45pm every Sunday from 26th August  to 16th September
- Queen Mother Sports Centre, Victoria (see OTS venues)
- Open to men and women over the age of 18
- Included in Out to Swim membership fees, £40 for non-members


And here are those for the Water Polo beginners coursethis session has now reached full capacity, you can still contact the Water Polo team to be added to the waiting list, or check our website later in the year for the Jan/Feb session


- Fridays: 07 / 14 / 21 / 28 September + Friday 05 October,
- from 8pm to 9pm
- Porchester Baths, Bayswater/Paddington (see OTS venues)
- Free


Please contact the teams directly for more information.

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OTS joins the Olympics! Print

Unfortunately not in the pool but there's always 2016 to work towards!!  In the meantime some of our members have been hard at work preparing for the opening ceremony.  Great work guys!

Update:  Did you spot Rick watching the cricket?

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World Gay Pride 2012 Print
Gay Pride 2012
From an Out To Swim perspective, London's Pride 2012 has been a great success.
It seems ages ago when Rick S first presented his concept to the OTS committee.  To see our club's animal logos brought to life in giant blow-ups, our iconic hearts in all shapes and sizes and big group of enthusiastic members carting a giant swimming pool around was really quite amazing and a great tribute to Rick's vision and drive to make it happen.
As we wandered down the march route, we got a great reception from the cheering crowds.  Much of the credit for this must go to Peppe O who perfectly stage-managed our positions and pace - ensuring we were all perfectly primed for maximum impact (every so often Peppe would tap Ming on the shoulder and say "Now walk for me!" and Ming would strut his bedazzled speedos to the delight of the crowd).
I was particularly impressed with Oliver G, Emanuele N, and Damian N who led our marchers with the logo hearts on their back.  They had a beautifully choreographed sequence that caught the crowd's eye and ensured that everyone knew who we were.  Alex M also did a fantastic job organising regular "swim sprints", creating a bit of space in front of us and then loudly sending off a team of swimmers to race up to the group in front of us - the kind of movement and excitement that set us apart from many of the other groups meandering along the parade route.
As we finally made it to the disassembling point at the end of the march, a loud spontaneous cheer went up from our Out To Swim delegation.  We'd had a lot of fun and presented our club perfectly to London, and shown our continuing commitment to making a difference in our community.
Note:  To view photos from Pride please log in and select the Photos menu item.
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