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Trial session & visitors

If you want to give Out To Swim a try, then please come along to a SUNDAY SESSION at the Queen Mother pool at Victoria so that we can welcome you, introduce you to a few fellow swimmers, and allocate you to the lane which suits you best.  Unfortunately, if you arrive on any other night we will ask you to return on a Sunday session. Your first 3 sessions are free and then we will ask you to join the club as either a Pay As You Go member or by paying a monthly or annual payment.

Swimmers who are current members of EGLSF or IGLA clubs get 10 guest swims with the club.

When you arrive (see venues) look out for somebody with a list ticking off names and introduce yourself. We usually gather about 15-30 minutes before swim time, and generally go to the changing rooms about 15 minutes before we begin. If you are not sure what to expect then this first-hand account from one of our swimmers might give you a bit of an idea.


Survey - please rate us

If you have visited Out to Swim for the first time or are new to the Club please consider taking 5 minutes to complete our survey. This will help us to improve the Club. Thank you!


Swimming lessons

OTS has an ongoing programme of swimming lessons for people who want to join OTS but feel that their standard of swimming is not as good as they would like it to be. Each course comprises six lessons and takes place on Sunday evening at the Queen Mother sports centre in Victoria. Please note that there is a separate cost for the lessons.

Details can be found here .


Membership categories and cost

To cater for all levels of interest we offer three options:


  London Swimming & Waterpolo OTS South (Brighton)
Standard Low waged Standard  Low waged
25% 50% 75%  25% 50% 75%
Single Payment 450.00 337.50  225.00 112.50 400.00 300.00 200.00 100.00
Monthly Standing Order 45.00 33.75 22.50 11.25 40.00 30.00 20.00 10.00
Pay as you go £28 plus £9 per session   £28 plus £6 per session  



A list of ASA membership numbers can be found here (remember to log in first). Your membership fees include the cost of being a member of the ASA, which is either collected out of the monthly standing order or as a one-off payment of £28 (payable at the beginning of the year or whenever you join).  Should you terminate your standing order for the monthly scheme at any time then you will need to pay the balance of the ASA fee which we would otherwise have collected out of the monthly payments, ie £2.33 per month.

Please note that the Sunday 2 hour synchronised swimming session counts as two sessions for PAYG purposes.

As of 1 January 2013 a new low waged sliding scale was introduced. The discount on the standard monthly and annual rates are dependent on one's annual income, as follows:

Annual gross income      Discount offered
15,001 to 20,000 25%
10,001 to 15,000 50%
10,000 or less 75%


If you are unemployed then you would be entitled to the 75% discount option. Low waged discounts are not available for PAYG.

Please note that you need to need to apply for this discount by filling in and returning this FORM to the treasurer.


€œPay as you go€

London Members who choose this method will be required to purchase sessions in advance in blocks of five or ten. To do so please log into the website and then access the "Shop" menu item under Club Menu. You can then order your card online, but please arrange for payment by transferring your money into the OTS account. When you have transferred the funds please let us know.

Don't forget the annual fee of £28, which goes towards your ASA membership and is payable every year irrespective of when you join (or change to the PAYG option). If you are joining us via one of the lessons then you do not need to pay the £28 fee for the current year (that was included in the cost of the lessons).


Out of town

Membership is free for those who already have ASA membership with another club and only wish to compete with Out To Swim, provided there is no conflict with their first claim club. If you are not already a member of the ASA you will need to complete an ASA application form and pay £28. If you train with us then you will have to pay for sessions (see membership types).



Application Forms

Anyone applying to join OTS must fill in two forms. The first is the application form to join OTS itself and the other is the ASA membership application form (you need to select either Category 1 (non-competitive) or Category 2 (if you plan ot compete in competitions).

  • Download the OTS membership application form here. (You can now fill in the form using Adobe Reader or Acrobat version 8 & 9. Once you have done so the form can be submitted to us by e-mail if your version Adobe Reader permits this, otherwise print it out and send the form to us.)
  • Payment instructions: If you are paying by standing order then please instruct your bank to set up the payment (most banks allow you to do it yourself via online banking), using the information contained here.
  • ASA membership:
    • If you intend competiting then you need to complete a Category 2 Form.
    • If you are NOT going to compete or are doing the lessons then you need to complete the Category 1 & 3 Form (ticking Category 1).
    • Help in filling out the ASA forms can be found here.

As a member of OTS you also need to be a member of ASA. Please return your completed membership forms to us by either giving them to the person ticking off names at the pool or contact us here.

You can check your ASA membership details here (type in your surname and then search). This will not work if you have elected not to have your information available via the ASA's website.


Medical declaration and disabilities

If you are representing Great Britain internationally or competing in a British Swimming, ASA, SASA or WASA National event (all disciplines, excluding masters) then you must complete the ASA's medical declaration and returned it the ASA Membership Department. NOTE: For most OTS members this is NOT required. 

As a club we also need to know if you have any medical conditions that may affect or be relevant to your participation in our sessions. Please ensure that you notify the Club and the head coach before you start swimming, if you have not already done so via your membership application form. Any relevant medical conditions will be disclosed to the permanent coaches and some of the committee members. Any information you provide to us will be held in confidence and will be stored in our membership database. Please note, though, that it is YOUR responsibility to ensure that you are fit enough to swim and the ultimate responsibility for deciding whether or not you are safe to swim lies with you and your doctor.

Similarly, if you have a disability which we ought to be aware of please let us know either via the membership application form or by informing us personally. This information will similarly be disclosed to the permanent coaches and some of our committee members.


Legal and other stuff

Out to Swim is a member of the ASA, which provides us with a number of benefits including our insurance.


What next?

Well, either come along to a session or e-mail us for more information!

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