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The Open Water wing of OTS covers 2 swimming disciplines. Swims in the sea, river, ponds, lochs, tarns... essentially anywhere in the open air.  And it also covers cold water swimming, a sometimes necessary element of open water swims, which focusses on London's lidos.

We have swimmers who love open water because they can swim with ducks, geese, moorhens, dragonflies, past overhanging willows and cowslips.  They love swimming next to canoes and ocean liners, above shiny fish and vivid pondweed.  These are the wild swimmers.  Then there are those who like to compete.  To stand in a crowd and run into the water and scramble past other neoprene'd swimmers and follow an open water course, sighting using big landmarks and luminous buoys.  They revel in the long distances and the endurance... and the lack of tumble turns.  These are the marathon swimmers.  Of course some like both, and we welcome you all.  

In 2011, we had social swims along the River Cam in Cambridge, on Hayling Island in Hampshire and in various ponds and open air pools.  We also take part in a huge variety of organised events, from swimming the English Channel in 2009, around Manhattan Island in 2011, the 10k Dart, the Great Swim Series in London's Docks, Salford, Suffolk and Windermere, the Human Race Open Water series in Windsor, Poole and Hampton Court.  We've competed in Brighton, the River Thames and Weymouth and the list keeps getting bigger.   

We train every Thursday of the year, 7-8pm at our London Bridge location, focussing on distance and endurance sets.  Throughout the summer we swim every Monday 7-8:30pm in the Serpentine Lido in Hyde Park.  An hour and a half training in open water, as the sun shines and gradually sets in front of you. The aim is to build up tolerance for cooler water, work on aerobic fitness, learn distance pacing, sighting and other open water techniques.  And who doesn't want to tell their friends and family that they're training in an Olympic Venue.  Things to bring...  a wetsuit (not complulsory), a brightly coloured cap, some old speedos, goggles, a big towel, and a bottle of water.   Do us a favour though, please sign in with the OTS rep (probably Al) and with Swim for Tri.

A school report style blog tries to document some of our swims (www.otsopenwater.wordpress.com). Check out the report of one of last year's sessions at http://otsopenwater.wordpress.com/2011/06/22/summer-solstice-serpentine-session-training-report.


If you would like more information, and to receive the open water weekly mailout, get in touch with us.


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