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Out to Swim, as a Club committed to equality and inclusion, adheres to the following:

Equality & Ethics

  • Out to Swim Constitution's contains the principal statement in this regard, as follows:

1.2 Statement of Aims

The aims of Out To Swim Swimming Club shall be the following:

  1. To promote participation in aquatic sports among lesbian women, gay men and friends of our community, including masters Swimming and Water polo, both of which are integral parts of the club;
  2. To provide an atmosphere where gay and non-gay athletes can practice together in mutual understanding and support;
  3. To provide an opportunity for athletes of all abilities to participate in organised practices and competitions in a team atmosphere and so to achieve their own goals in their aquatic sports and;
  4. Make visible the contribution of lesbian and gay people to all aspects of swimming/ aquatic sports and to oppose all forms of homophobia, sexism and racism in the sport.

Out To Swim Swimming Club is an equal opportunities club. Membership will not be restricted on grounds of gender, sexual orientation, race, disability, religion, HIV status or any other basis.

The club and its objectives shall be conducted under A.S.A. Laws, the laws of the International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics (IGLA) and these Byelaws. All competing Members shall be eligible competitors as defined in A.S.A. Laws except for those competing in Masters Competitions, who may be professionals.

(Emphasis added.)

  • As a Club we also ascribe to the ASA's Equity Policy (note that the section relating to employees has been deleted because OTS does not have any employees).
  • All of our coaches are also required to adhere to the ASA's Code of Ethics.

Out to Swim Management & Guidelines

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