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Welcome to the Out to Swim, an unincorporated sports body located in London.  If you wish to contact us please do so via the "Contacts" menu item.




The Out to Swim website is intended primarily for the use of its members, though there is a lot of information about the club on the public pages.  Only members of the club may create an account and in doing so will be given access to more information and options (the private pages).

For all users, both registered and casual, please note that:

  • you may only use this website for your personal use,
  • you may not copy or use any information or other audio-visual material for any purposes without the prior consent of the committee or the individual who contributed any audio-visual material, 
  • you may not link to our website or any specific page or content without our prior written permission, and
  • the intellectual property rights in the content on this website belongs to Out to Swim and/or its contributory authors/creators.

You may only create an account if you are a current member of Out to Swim.  If are not a current member and have created an account then it may be disabled or removed at any time.  You may not log into our website if you are not a current member.  Any information about our members and our activities accessible when logged in is confidential and may not be disclosed to any other person.  Some of our members understandably have issues about being identified with an LGBT organisation and therefore we wish to respect this at all times.




We do not collect any information about you except where you create an account, in which case that information will be used in support of your membership only.

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