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P1020154So once again a group of OTS'ers descended on Cobham hall for the 4th swim camp.  This year we trialed the incorporation of lessons, so we had swim school along side swim camp. According to all who attending it was a great hit and something we hope to repeat.

Friday night session was a hard two hour session and was harder on the lungs than we had imagined due to extra strong chlorine.  However, we all survived and after the session we all sat around the big dinner table in the common room eating cake and drinking a beer or two!  An hour later we were joined by the ducklings who were just buzzing from their first session.

Saturday morning brought another challenge - swimming through a sea of mist!  But in true OTS style the session was adapted 4 lanes went into 2 and a great set of singles was completed!

Land training brought swim camp and swim school together working in the gym on a circuit session with only two swimmers missing and James working harder on taking his photos rather than the exercises at each station. While this was happening we finally got the chlorine/mist/fog problem sorted (half the problem was we ran out of gas!) What was so lovely is that these problems did not put a cloud over the camp and in fact brought us all closer together.

Saturday evening saw us complete another 2 hour set, another hour for the swim school and then a fabulous meal from the school kitchen; if only all school dinners could taste this good.

Sunday morning was a mixture of technique and then relays with the swim school joining in too. Once again we were blessed with great weather and many took advantage of this to explore the grounds of Cobham - They truely are amazing. So once again another successful swim camp and a successful first swim school camp.

Some more photos are available here.

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