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Having been a committee member for 16 of the last 18 years, and having served as the club’s treasurer for over 10 years, Philip has been a constant backbone of Out to Swim (OTS). One of the first members of the club, he has served as Club Chair, Chair of the Middlesex ASA Masters committee, Chair of the International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics (IGLA). He is also a qualified ASA Starter and Judge and has officiated at County events as well as refereeing at OTS’s own GLLAM competitions. He has been a key team member in OTS’s representations at local, national and overseas Masters tournaments in breaststroke and individual medley events. 

Since joining the club in 1992 after seeing an advert in a gay newspaper, Philip has played a fundamental role in developing OTS into the largest masters swimming club in the UK. During his tenure as treasurer Philip has not only been the “steady hand on the tiller” and ensured the financial stability of the club, but has been a key figure in developing the club and making it what it is today. His enthusiasm for swimming and LGBT sport and his meticulous effectiveness in managing the club’s finances has ensured that new projects, from an OTS stall at Pride to substantial increases in coaching and pool time, have been successful. The expansion of the club to include diving, water polo, synchronised and open water swimming is a credit to the astuteness and strategic thinking that Philip brings to the committee and OTS more generally. He advocates the club as a fantastic resource for LBGT people, providing health and fitness and a sense of community that is as important now as it was in 1992 when HIV was impacting on many LGBT lives.

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